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Pine honey is considered a honey of high nutritional value due to the high concentration of minerals and trace elements present in its composition, such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron.


The heather honey is among the elite of Greek honeys. This honey has an intense colour and aroma and a characteristic special flavor. It is produced from the nectar of autumn heather also known as “sousoura”.


Its health benefits are many as it contains a wealth of antioxidants, minerals and trace elements. It gives us energy, stamina and regulates proper bowel function.

About Us

From Love to Idea, then to Creation

Our story starts like this…

In 2012 i had my first interaction with bees! Growing up in Athens, without any contact with nature and wanting to overcome the fear i had for them, i visited a friend’s apiary. That’s how it all started… When i noticed the bee society and how important they are for the environment, everything changed, my fear disappeared and i wanted to learn more about that magical world… 

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Our awards

Organic Oak Honey

Judges' Comments

It is a thick, deep, amber honey that covers the mouth with its viscosity. The taste offers a well-balanced sweetness with rich malt notes , but also a light and attractively smooth bitter note, a bit like black tea. It's delicious having a strong caramelization that we loved! We love the deep rich oak scent, which has notes of tree resin and forest flavor!

Organic Thyme Honey

Judges' Comments

A clear honey with some visible pollen, which has a lot of herbal notes and a strong floral thyme flavor, offering a really intense herbal kick! Its intense natural flavor balances beautifully with sweetness and viscosity leading to a long finish. Very attractive golden colour with a refined aroma of fine thyme. It's an exciting honey that we were really excited about!

Organic Fir-Vanilla Honey

Judges' Comments

This honey is surprisingly golden and shines in the light! It smells sweet with notes of vanilla, condensed milk and tree juice. The sweetness is not excessive, while the taste lasts in the mouth, evolving into a pleasant taste with real depth! Subtle notes of fir sit quietly in the background as the rich complex flavour layers of vanilla, butter and timber emerge again!

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